About Spinebill Press

Who We Are

We are a small publishing house based in Katoomba, a little town in the Blue Mountains National Park, just west of Sydney, Australia. Our name is derived from the Eastern Spinebill, a honeyeater bird who lives in the Blue Mountains.

What We Publish

At Spinebill Press, we publish quirky, overlooked classics and illustrated books for adults. We are interested in books that are enlightening, intriguing, strange, cute, or just likely to start a conversation. We see our publishing list as a printed cabinet of curiosities – a Wunderkammer of books.

We are only at the start of our publishing journey. We concentrate mostly on non-fiction, especially about politics, sociology, philosophy, history etc. – the sciences of human nature and the human spirit. We also publish forgotten books of practical advice, and historic political fiction. And occasionally, we produce books about the beautiful Blue Mountains.

We are unfortunately not accepting manuscripts or proposals at this point. But we would love to hear from you – feel free to drop us a line!

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